Our “GC Tigermate” Story:

Gregory'sI knew who he was almost immediately after beginning orientation before my freshman year of college began at Georgetown.  We were in the same small group for orientation, and he was outgoing and campaigning for a freshman class office and talking everyone’s ear off while I was quietly just trying to adjust to college.  I remember thinking to myself “That boy sure does have personality!”

Early in the fall semester I auditioned to be part of the college Chorale under the direction of Dr. Pamela Hopton-Jones.  I was selected for the Chorale and guess who my assigned singing partner just happened to be…that Robin Gregory boy from orientation.  We became “Chorale friends” during freshman year, but really didn’t interact much outside of singing.  That summer, the Chorale traveled to Russia as part of a partnership with the Kentucky Baptist Convention.  We visited Russian churches and sang, and also had the opportunity to sightsee and experience Russian culture.  One of the things we did for fun was to attend a Russian circus.  It was the first live circus I had ever attended, and Robin and I were sitting together and he got a good laugh out of me experiences my first live (Russian!) circus.

That summer I worked at Cedar Crest camp as a summer missionary.     As part of our orientation for camp, we had to draw questions out of a bag and answer them.  I drew the question, “Who do you think you will marry?”  I quickly answered “Robin Gregory”.  I stuck that slip of paper in my Bible and somewhere in my heart prayed that would come true.  (I still have that slip of paper, by the way.)

During sophomore year, we were both in Chorale again, and we had some classes together because we shared the same majors – psychology and philosophy.  Slowly, we began to talk outside of class, he would show up in the Grill when I would be there studying, we started eating lunch together in the Caf.  However, it was clear that he just wanted to keep the relationship on a friendly level and not go any further.  My friends in Pierce Hall (love those girls!) hatched many a plan to try and help me “catch” him, but he just was interested in being friends, and that was ok because he really was my best friend.

As we moved on into our Junior year, we were basically inseparable.  Chorale, of course and we had also scheduled the majority of our classes together.   We spent many a late night studying, and we also participated in our fair share of crazy college antics – we just really enjoyed being with each other….as friends.

One Sunday in November, 1995 the Chorale traveled to my home church in Owenton, KY to give a concert.  We had lunch after provided by the church and of course Robin met all my family and friends from back home.  I remember my mother saying to me “That boy is interested in you.”  However, I just shrugged it off and said “We’re just friends.”  We returned back to campus that afternoon and I received a phone call from Robin that night asking me to meet him at “Eloise” (That is what we called that bricked garden area with the fountain between The Chapel and Giddings Hall – unfortunately, it isn’t there anymore.)  I thought it was a strange request, but put on my coat and walked up there.  It was on that night, November 11, 1995, that Robin asked me to be his girlfriend.  And I said yes.  Of course, it was no big shock to all our friends, since we were together all the time anyway.  Many a friend said to us “Well, it’s about time!”

I lived on the first floor of Pierce Hall and often Robin could be found with his head under the open window and we would talk long after visitation in the room was over.  He kissed me for the first time exactly one month later on December 11 – with his head stuck under that open Pierce Hall window.  That summer, we both traveled to Kazakhstan to serve with the International Mission Board as part of a drama team.  We shared so many cultural experiences there that made our hearts tender toward international missions, and ultimately toward each other.

As our Senior year rolled around, we both were applying to graduate schools – him for Clinical Psychology and me for Experimental Psychology.  As the acceptance/rejection letters began coming in, none of our schools were matching up.  I just couldn’t understand.  I felt like our relationship was so “right”, yet it seemed that God was calling us to different places and we would have to be apart.  The last letters we received were from Western Kentucky University, where we were both accepted into our respective programs.  We were ecstatic!  That summer we worked to find apartments that were near each other and ended up living in the same apartment complex, maybe 1000 yards apart.  It was perfect!

Before the semester started for our M.A. programs, Robin invited me to a picnic at a local park.  We were eating,(well really feeding most of it to the local duck population), talking and laughing when all of a sudden Robin became very serious.  He started talking about our days and experiences at Georgetown and how that he felt God had led him to Georgetown College so that we could meet and fall in love and that he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  He was down on one knee when he opened the box with the ring, and I said yes a million times.  We were married a little less than a year later on May 23, 1998.

Gregory's2We celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary this past year.  Our marriage has not been all flowers and roses.  We’ve had to deal many of the curveballs life throws from heartbreak over infertility, illness, and just plain life stresses.  However, our marriage stands because we have a firm foundation – Jesus Christ.  Additionally, the friendship and eventual romantic relationship that was fostered during our years at Georgetown sustains us. We have SO many inside jokes and shared memories of a wonderful college experience that we can fall back on when things get hard.  We remember that the way our relationship formed was no coincidence, but by God’s hand.  A boy who convinced himself he should be at Murray State ended up at Georgetown, and a quiet girl who had education on the mind and thought she would never marry (it wasn’t in the 10 year plan!) were brought together by God’s divine hand.

We have 9 year old twins now, Rachel and Collin.  Our prayer for them each day is that they find a lasting love like ours and that just like He did for us, God will bring them face to face at the perfect time with the loves of their lives.  (Oh, and we also pray that in about 11 years they will be GC Tigers….we started the indoctrination early.) Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share our story.

Robin Gregory and Donna Siler Gregory ‘97