Our “GC Tigermate” Story:


There’s no possible way to look back on the memories made at Georgetown College without a smile. My journey provided more blessings than I ever thought possible. Meeting my husband Mac Bailes is definitely at the top of that long list of blessings!

Freshman year, Mac was dating a sorority sister of mine and we were all friends. To be honest, I never thought of him romantically at all. I just knew him as my friend’s boyfriend who had a good sense of humor. Over the summer before our sophomore year, I learned that my friend was transferring to another school and she and Mac were no longer dating. I was sad that my friend was leaving Georgetown, but didn’t think anything else of it!

I returned to school sophomore year as an orientation leader and so did Mac. I swear it was like I’d never met him! He was so outgoing, handsome, charming, and hilarious. I saw him in a whole new way. It felt like love at first sight even though it was probably the 100th sight! We spent time together here and there throughout our first month of school, but it wasn’t anything serious. In September we started spending quite a bit of time together. Mac worked as a barista in the Mulberry Café and he would invite me there to hang out. We would talk so much and laugh so much between the café customers placing their drink orders. After our second “Mulberry talk” as we liked to call them, I dreamt about my wedding and Mac was at the end of the aisle! I told my 3 best friends the following morning and they thought I was crazy. Honestly, I felt pretty crazy myself! Of course I didn’t tell Mac about this because it was crazy and a little creepy J  After many Mulberry talks, walks around the Quad, lunches in the Caf, and dates around town we finally made it official. Mac asked me to be his girlfriend on October 1, 2009 at the Garth Elementary school playground on one of our walks around town.

Bailes2Our time at Georgetown College is an experience that we both really treasure. It is so wonderful to know that God placed us there and aligned our paths to become partners for life and best friends. We both worked as orientation leaders, we shared 3 Songfests, went to too many KD and PHA formals to count, traveled to Hilton Head with the Christian Leadership program together, Mac was president of PHA, I was First Lady of PHA, and we even had a couple of classes together (not too many though… I was a biology geek and Mac majored in elementary education)!

Our senior year was absolutely wonderful. One of the best things about it was our engagement on April 10, 2012. Mac asked me to marry him back at the playground down the street from our dorms in the same spot that we started dating and shared our first kiss. My crazy creepy dream from sophomore year after our Mulberry talk would come true! PHA threatened Mac with the traditional Stake Out, but it never came to pass, so the KD Candlelight was even more special when Mac showed up at the end to celebrate.

Bailes1We were married on August 4, 2013. It was an absolutely perfect day with all of our Georgetown friends right by our side. Many bridesmaids and groomsmen were friends that we also met at Georgetown and have formed lifelong relationships with. Even Ms. Jo (the beautiful woman who makes breakfast omelets in the caf) was praying for us and loving on us on our wedding day! Of all of the places to meet and grow as a couple, Georgetown College was definitely a great place for us. I can’t wait to see where our lives take us. We are so thankful every day for the memories we’ve made and have yet to make thanks to our time at Georgetown.

We are Tigermates for life!

Mac Bailes and Hannah Maloy Bailes ‘12