Our “GC Tigermate” Story:


If you are a semi-recent GC grad, you know all about Freshman Family Groups (FFG). Well, if it wasn’t for FFG Justin and I might not be married today.

Flashback to freshman year, 2009. Justin was my roommate’s FFG “sister.” He came to our room to fix her printer and she introduced us. At the time, we didn’t think much of it but over time our relationship blossomed. During the spring semester Justin was elected as Phi Guy for Phi Mu, my sorority. And, shortly after that, I was chosen as a Lil’ Sis for PHA, his fraternity. Our ties were getting closer and closer together.

Throughout our college career my mom interacted with Justin several times. Each time she would ask me, “Would you ever date Justin?” “No,” I responded,  “He would never like me as more than a friend.”

Little did I know this was not the case. At the end of our sophomore year Justin and I were chosen as co-coordinators of Freshman Ministries. Because of our positions, we spent a lot of time together. At the start of our junior year we realized we liked each other but we were terribly worried that we wouldn’t be allowed to date since we were technically “partners” in ministry. So, before we told our friends  or made anything official, we asked permission to date from none other than Ashley Hatcher Babladelis and Bryan Langlands…our “supervisors.” Seeing as this was not a normal question they had received they told us they thought it was fine and laughed at how we approached it.

We started dating that day, became “official” at the PHA homecoming dance in September and were engaged by July. We both went through our rites of passages with Phi Mu and PHA…the stake out and candlelight, we graduated on Giddings Lawn in May, got married in June and now live in Atlanta, Georgia. But even though we live in the big city of Atlanta now, we will always treasure our little Georgetown “bubble.” After all, it’s what we owe our love story to!

Justin Sizemore and Abby Shelton Sizemore’13