Our Story

I was a waitress at Po Folks the summer before my freshman year at Georgetown, and I had a regular customer who would come in for coffee.  She was one of my grandmother’s dearest friends, and she let me know that her grandson, John,  was also attending Georgetown in the fall.  My grandmother reminded me to look for John Kirk if I ever needed transportation home from school. I quickly dismissed this information thinking that I would never meet this fellow who was surely not my type.

My roommate (Michelle Struckman Fox, ’99) wanted to go to a Knight Hall volleyball party the first night we were on campus. I was reluctant, but she convinced me that we would only stay for a few minutes.  She dragged me down behind the dorm and I watched her talk to her new friends. I saw a handsome guy who was wearing a Northern Kentucky University shirt, and I decided to make small talk because I was also from Northern Kentucky.  I introduced myself and found out that his name was John Kirk.  I squeaked and immediately ran far away, leaving him very bewildered.

John tracked me down at opening convocation and sat down next to me. He then proceeded to poke me in the knee and fight for the arm rest during the entire event. He walked me to Knight Hall afterwards and offered to edit one of my papers for Dr. Allen’s class. My paper really didn’t need much editing, but I threw in some split infinitives and spelling errors, printed the paper, and ran to Collier Hall.   Apparently,  “Hey Baby, can I edit your paper?” was an amazing pick up line because I have been with John Kirk ever since.  I also got an A in Dr. Allen’s class.

The love lesson in our story is to always listen to your grandmother and Dr. Allen’s assignments can ignite romance.

We married in 2000 after John finished a year of law school and I completed my teaching internship.  We have two children who are geniuses.  Thank you Georgetown for this blessed and beautiful life!

John R. Kirk and Casey (Milner) Kirk ’99