Our Story


Ivan, a.k.a. Scott and I met on a blind date orchestrated by my next door neighbor and Scott’s college roommate, Phil Tingle. It was the end of my junior year in high school andthe week before college finals. We had a great time and were amazed at how many things we had in common. Even though he was from Ohio and I was from Ky., we had similar a backgrounds, family size, both from dairy farms, beliefs, and love of music.

The next year, I got to visit Georgetown College and came to love the campus and the people I met. Scott came to many of my high-school ball games and played the trumpet with our pep band. My band director love it. Many letters and much postage later, we became engaged on my first day at Georgetown College as a student, Sept. 9,1966. It was wonderful having my own tour guide, I never had the freshman nerves because I knew what was going to happen. We had many classes in common. We enjoyed PHA and band activities as well as happenings at Rucker, where I lived. We survived engagement initiation and Scott even made the Georgetonian photo shoot of the same. We married after summer school in 1967. We spent 2 wonderful years at Warrendale. You cannot beat $30 a month. We figured it up that we actually saved money being married. Band trips were great fun and student teaching was a true experience.

We have been married 46 years. We have two wonderful children. Our son, Chris is a firefighter/paramedic and our daughter, Dana is a ’95 GC grad who has since become a nurse. They have blessed us with 3 grandsons whom we thoroughly enjoy. Retirement is just starting, Scott taught for 30 years and then continues to drive a school bus, now in his 43rd year. I taught for several years and then went to nursing school. I retired 12/31/13 after 29 years in the emergency room. We have many fond memories and great friends from Georgetown College. It is truly a grand establishment and has blessed many with knowledge and sound principals of learning and faith.

Ivan Scott and Barbara Ruth Martin Marker ’69