Our Story


It was January of 1964 when Carol Montgomery and Flash Williams first had that “Magic Moment” at Georgetown College.  The fall semester was just ending, students were returning following a two week Christmas break, when Carol and Flash were sitting in Mrs. Edwina Snyder’s speech class.  On the front row, Carol was adjusting to new contact lenses she had received during the Christmas break.  With her head tilted upward to help, a note was passed to her from the back row by Flash . . .”you can look down, they won’t fall out.”  Carol was indignant that a college student would pass notes in a college class; however, that was the first “Magic Moment”.

They began dating soon after by attending the student production of “Tea House of the August Moon” in the theater at Giddings Hall.  Many nights were spent at the Cooke Library during study sessions, sitting and talking at Knight Hall, Knight Hall formals, KA Old South, fraternity dances in Frankfort and Lexington.  During one dance at Castleton Park in Lexington, a contact lens fell from Carol’s eye and hit the dance floor.  Flash was able to locate the lens and took Carol to a bathroom, cleaned the lens and replaced it in her eye. Carol has said many times that this event was another “Magic Moment”.

During the warm days of the early fall semesters many college students would take driving tours of the Bluegrass.  For Carol and Flash this would mean a stop at the Convenient Store, for a Frosty Root Beer.  Many of the horse farms in the county were open for visitors.  At Walnut Hall Farm, there was a farm pond with a floating deck that many students from Georgetown frequented for a swim and relaxation.  During a warm Saturday afternoon the driving tour with class mates, included a visit to the swimming hole.   The quiet day, warm water, and good friends led to a lasting memory and a “Magic Moment’.

Williams2By their senior year they were penned and ready to graduate.  Mr. Ed Boden, who as the official college photographer, was taking pictures on campus during the spring semester of 1966.  On the porch of the Art Building, Carol was waiting with Flash for her class to start.  Ed seized the opportunity to capture a moment in time with an environmental portrait of Carol and Flash.  He titled the picture “In the Spring, a Young Man’s Fancy”.   His art was very successful winning many photography awards, locally, nationally and internationally.  The picture appeared in the Georgetonian, was the cover of the Georgetown Alumni Magazine and on the cover of the May Day Program that year.  Ed gave the pictured to Carol and Flash.  It was framed and has been displayed for 45 years above their bed.  The picture has faded a little but the “Magic Moment” is still a part of their lives.

Williams3Following graduation in 1966, life styles started to change.  The Vietnam War needed the help of Flash and he left for military service.Carol began her teaching career in Greensburg, Kentucky.  During the prom at GCHS in 1967, Specialist Williams came home on leave to visit and with a mission.  He met with Milton Howard Montgomery and with trepidation asked for permission to marry Carol, his Georgetown College sweetheart.  He gave permission and Flash met Carol at a neighbor’s home prior to the prom and on bended knee presented the engagement ring with the question “.  .  .  will you marry me”?  A year later on August 31, 1968, two Georgetown College Alumni became husband and wife. That same summer, Carol completed her Master’s Degree at Georgetown. Another “Magic Moment” for Carol and Flash Williams.

It has been 50 years since Carol and Flash met at Georgetown College.  After twelve years of marriage, Lindsay Williams came along, a most special “Magic Moment”.  Like her mom and dad, she attended and graduated from Georgetown College.   Their grandson Brock is only five and they hope that he will also follow the alumni trail to Georgetown.

Georgetown College is still a very important part of their lives.  Carol after retiring from the public school system accepted a position at the college and has been there for 15 years, that’s 48 years of teaching.  Flash after serving on the Georgetown College Board of Trustees, retired from GTE Corporation.  He then served the college as a consultant for three years, one year as alumni director, started the women’s golf program, and currently coaches both the men and women’s golf teams.  The college connection continues with many of their friends who are alumni of the college.

These are just a few of the “Magic Moments” for Carol and Flash Williams and Georgetown College.

Flash and Carol Williams ’66