Roy Lowdenback ‘05 and Rachel Stone Lowdenback ‘05

February 14, 2014

Roy and Rachel met the very first day of freshman year when Roy was campaigning door to door in Knight Hall. On his second to last stop he met Rachel and she remembers thinking at the time “he seems like… Continue reading

Kelly ’93, ’13 (MA) Megan (Forman) McEuen ‘93

February 13, 2014

Our Story Their story includes 2 first dates and they laugh about it saying that it took God longer to prepare them for each other, a decade to be exact.  In the spring of ’93 after four years on campus… Continue reading

Ray and Janie (Muddiman) Wechman ‘81

Our Story It is part of the family lore, but on a Fall evening in 1979, Ray was playing pool at the Lamb house and Janie and one of her friends were looking for a ride to Lexington to go… Continue reading

Jon ‘95 and Amanda (Jones) Good ‘96

Our Story Mission was the heart of Campus Ministry during our years at Georgetown.  Many fund-raising events were held each year for students who were committed to summer mission work.  One of the most memorable events was the annual “date auction.” … Continue reading

John and Marcia Mayer Cochenour ‘73

Our Story At the moment most experiences seem minor.  A lifetime later, it may be easy to see the events that change your life.  The first day of school in 1969, I met Marcia Mayer at the Student Center and… Continue reading

Lauren (Crawford) ’99 and Jamie Brandenburg ‘98

February 11, 2014

Our Story When I think about how Jamie and I finally got together, I can’t help but imagine it as a musical with Jack Black playing my husband…my part has yet to be determined:  It would begin at Southern Elementary… Continue reading

Bruce, Jr (BJ) and Angela Mullins Boggs ‘91

February 10, 2014

Our Story We met in Fall of 1986, my first year at Georgetown.  Bruce was actually in his third year at Georgetown, having attended before in the early 80s then working for several years before returning to school. I remember… Continue reading

John and Karen Koonce Cosby ‘71

Our Story We met in the Tiger Band in 1968 and were married in 1971.  Band was a common bond and still is today as we play in two community concert bands, wind ensemble at church, and other occasions.  We… Continue reading

Adam and Laura (Fiechter) Schepis ‘08

Our Story We had a class with Dr. French together…Later that year, he gave me a rose in the caf on Valentine’s Day and invited me to his baseball game. And the rest is history!

Sam ’85 and Sue Foster Stack ’84

February 7, 2014

Our Story I first saw Sam in German 1 our Freshman year (1979), but thought that he was engaged since he was talking to a friend who had an engagement ring.  When Sam had a car accident in Oct. 1979,… Continue reading

Vicky Lynn “McKinney” and David Lee Mann ‘77

February 5, 2014

Our Story I met my sweetheart, Dave Mann, through a mutual friend, Jack Rogers. Thank you Jack! Though Dave passed away from prostate cancer in 2010 not a day goes by without sweet recollections of our days at Georgetown College… Continue reading

Ron ‘69 and Debbie McCormick Duvall ‘74

Our Story We met in June 1972 – Debbie was going to summer school and working for Coach Bob Davis.  Since it was summer, the main work was the summer basketball camp program held at Georgetown College.  Ronny was fresh… Continue reading

Judith Wilson ‘61 and Wallace Williams ‘62

February 4, 2014

Our Story In the fall of 1960, (my senior year) Wallace transferred as a junior from UNC. One of my former boyfriends had told him to avoid me, as I was bad news.  This only made him more curious to… Continue reading

William (Bill) ’58 & Dorothy (Dot) Moseley Sutton ’60

February 3, 2014

Our Story Bill Sutton was a junior when he took Dr. Woodridge Spears’ creative writing class in the spring of 1957. Dr. Spears read a poem (which had been published in a Beta Club magazine) by Dot Sutton, stating that… Continue reading

Stephen A. and Cassie Mullins Moses ‘99

Our Story Who would have known that two last names that begin with M would also begin a love story…. During my second semester at Georgetown College I kept hearing the name “Moses” during class roll call. Who was this… Continue reading

John and Chelsey Adkins Mayo ‘11

Our Story During the Kappa Delta spring formal on April 11, 2008, Chelsey noticed a handsome young man sitting by himself. She proceed to approach him to ask him to dance. His reply,”Nah, that’s okay.” He immediately realized his mistake… Continue reading

Dave ’80 and Penny Jones Deatrick ’82

Our Story Dave and I met my first weekend at Georgetown College. We did not start dating until 2 years later.  As I recall we both went to our first astronomy class of the semester.  As I was packing up… Continue reading

Josh ’09 and Kristen Meister Franklin ‘10

January 31, 2014

Our Story Kristen and Josh met during Kristen’s freshman year.  She was a volleyball player, Josh was a baseball player, and the two shared many mutual friends.  Kristen and Josh dated all throughout college and got married in Lexington on… Continue reading

Brandon and Danielle Emerick Hurt ‘04

Our Story We met in the fall of 2000 while I was a freshman at UK and Brandon was at Georgetown. We were both playing soccer and that summer I transferred to Georgetown and we continued to play. We graduated… Continue reading

Dr. Michael ‘86 and Marsha Oakes Eden ‘87

January 30, 2014

Our Story The side of the Asher Science Center that looks down at the Wilson Lab Theatre will forever be the “spot” where I met my husband Mike.  I was a freshman, just a week into classes when my roommate… Continue reading

Bryan and Samantha Barmore Bonner ’09

Our Story Bryan caught Samantha’s eye at orientation their Freshman year, but it wasn’t until four months later when they were finally introduced. The star baseball player and starting softball pitcher spent the rest of their college years dating between… Continue reading

Bo ‘06 and Loren Taylor Eppinghoff ‘05

Our Story Bo and I met my sophomore year at GC. We were set up by friends on a blind date for Valentines day. We ate at Applebee’s and hung out at the Pike house. I knew from that night… Continue reading

Flash and Carol Williams ’66

Our Story It was January of 1964 when Carol Montgomery and Flash Williams first had that “Magic Moment” at Georgetown College.  The fall semester was just ending, students were returning following a two week Christmas break, when Carol and Flash… Continue reading

JC and Quenesha (Duncan) Campbell ‘11

January 28, 2014

Our Story I actually met my wife at Knight Hall in Fall 2009. For me, it was like the Heavens opened when I saw her…for her it was more like, “Here he comes, ugh.” However, as we got to know… Continue reading

Aaron Browning ‘06 and Brooke Reed Browning ‘07

January 27, 2014

Our Story Our love story began at Georgetown College during my junior and Aaron’s senior year.  Aaron was Pike president and I was Sigma Kappa VP of Scholarship, so we were in charge of planning a joint Pike/Sigma faculty appreciation… Continue reading

Ivan Scott and Barbara Ruth Martin Marker ’69

Our Story Ivan, a.k.a. Scott and I met on a blind date orchestrated by my next door neighbor and Scott’s college roommate, Phil Tingle. It was the end of my junior year in high school andthe week before college finals. We had… Continue reading

Stephen Parker and Whitley Arens Parker ’11

January 24, 2014

Our Story Technically, Stephen and I met during our freshman orientation at Georgetown College. However, I don’t remember my first impression of him from that meeting and he has only the vaguest of impressions of me. Though we officially knew… Continue reading

John R. Kirk and Casey (Milner) Kirk ’99

Our Story I was a waitress at Po Folks the summer before my freshman year at Georgetown, and I had a regular customer who would come in for coffee.  She was one of my grandmother’s dearest friends, and she let… Continue reading

Andrew ’03 & Stephanie (Younglove) Shrewsbury ’04

Our Story Somehow we went two years on the same campus without meeting, but then was brought together by a small group assignment in Dr.Kopp’s fresh water biology class in fall 2002. We became close friends and married in 2007,… Continue reading

Scott Diamond ’88 and Kim Griffith Diamond ‘89

January 23, 2014

Our Story While Scott & I met and briefly dated during his sophomore and my freshmen year at Georgetown (Fall, 1985), you will need to fast-forward to 2002, when our relationship was rekindled after our first marriages had ended in… Continue reading

Tony Shouse ’96 and Shellie Dube Shouse ’99


Our Story I first met my wife, Shellie outside the café at Georgetown College. She was wearing a Mickey Mouse hat, Mickey Mouse shirt, Mickey Mouse overalls, Mickey Mouse jewelry, Mickey Mouse socks, and Mickey Mouse shoes. Beyond that, I… Continue reading

Ted Sberna ’09 and Amanda Elliott Sberna ‘10

Our Story Ted & I met while attending Georgetown College during our undergrad. Ted was a star football player and I cheered a couple years for the Tigers. I remember hearing ‘Sberna for # of yards’ over the loud speakers… Continue reading

Larry Woolums ’68 and Sue Johnson Woolums ’69

January 22, 2014

Our Story I met Larry in 1964, when I was a freshman at Georgetown.  We met playing trumpet in the college band.  In those days, several band members would meet at the grill for coffee before going to rehearsal. In… Continue reading

Will Flanagan ‘93 and Amy Armstrong Flanagan ’93

Our Story Will and I met the summer of 1989 prior to starting freshman year at Georgetown College.  I was performing in the first annual All-State Youth Choir and we sang at Campbellsville Baptist Church where Will was a member…. Continue reading

John Klamo ‘05 and Tori Gahn Klamo ’07

Our Story John and I met through mutual friends that also went to Georgetown and took us on spring break in 2005.  It was then that we knew that something was special about us being together.  We dated for 5… Continue reading

Mac Bailes and Hannah Maloy Bailes ‘12

January 17, 2014

Our “GC Tigermate” Story: There’s no possible way to look back on the memories made at Georgetown College without a smile. My journey provided more blessings than I ever thought possible. Meeting my husband Mac Bailes is definitely at the… Continue reading

Justin Morgan ’03 and Bridget Hammons Morgan ‘04

January 16, 2014

Our “GC Tigermate” Story: Justin and I first met my freshman year. My roommate was dating his roommate at the time. Sara and I ran to Anderson Hall, walked up the side stairs to Justin’s dorm room. As I entered… Continue reading

Justin Sizemore and Abby Shelton Sizemore’13

Our “GC Tigermate” Story: If you are a semi-recent GC grad, you know all about Freshman Family Groups (FFG). Well, if it wasn’t for FFG Justin and I might not be married today. Flashback to freshman year, 2009. Justin was… Continue reading

Robin Gregory and Donna Siler Gregory ‘97

Our “GC Tigermate” Story: I knew who he was almost immediately after beginning orientation before my freshman year of college began at Georgetown.  We were in the same small group for orientation, and he was outgoing and campaigning for a… Continue reading

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