For suggested course sequences and other information, see links in the online Teacher Ed Handbook at:

Elementary Teacher Education Program – Grades P-5

In the first year, students who plan to major in Elementary Education should take the same courses as other freshmen with the following exceptions:

  1. If possible, enroll in Education 131, Current Issues in Education, during the freshman year. Students unable to enroll in EDU 131 should consider enrolling in EDU 233.
  2. To meet your Math general education requirement, enroll in Math 103: Math for Elementary Teachers. Math 103 and 104 have been developed specifically to meet the needs of the Elementary Education major and are taken only by those majors. Students unable to take the math 103-104 sequence in the Freshman Year are required to complete the courses in the sophomore year.
  3. Recognize that the exit testing program (the Praxis) required by Kentucky for Elementary Education Certification, includes a heavy component of questions on Geography, American History, World History and Government. Plan your general education electives accordingly. You can see an outline of test parameters by visiting for specific test information.) You are also advised to enroll in the Social Sciences Minor for Elementary Majors. Some of these courses also count as general education requirements (see catalogue).
  4. Your science electives must include labs.
  5. Your cultural and aesthetic values classes are as follows: Art 315 (2 hours), Theater 407 (2 hours) and Music 315 (2 hours).

Middle Grades (5-9) and Secondary (9-12) Teacher Education Programs

Teaching at these levels requires a Georgetown College major in approved teaching areas. Students planning a program for Middle or Secondary Grades Teaching Certification should also consider the information listed below (more information is available in the TEP Handbook):

  1. During the freshman year enroll in EDU 131, Current Issues in Education.
  2. Enroll in EDU 233: Student Development, Behavior, and Learning, during the sophomore year. You’ll take other methods courses prior to Student Teaching.