Program Coordinator:  Dr. Mark Johnson            

 Students interested in nursing should speak with Dr. Mark Johnson immediately during the first week of classes. 

 Note: Students interested in pursuing a major in nursing arts need to take BIO 111 fall semester of their freshman year.

Initial Admission To The Program.

To be accepted into the Dual Degree Program in Nursing all students, including transfer students, must meet admissions requirements of the University of Kentucky College of Nursing, namely: an ACT composite score at the 50th percentile on national norms and a high school grade point average of 2.5 or more. Students must also be approved by the Admissions Committee of Georgetown College.


Admission to the University of Kentucky.

At the end of three full time semesters at Georgetown College, a student must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher for work completed at Georgetown College and a 3.0 GPA in the pre-requisite science courses, chemistry and biology. Students must have successfully completed CHE 111, 112 and CHE 113 before beginning their nursing courses at the University of Kentucky. In addition, enrollment in nursing classes requires completion of an approved certified nursing assistant program.


General Requirements.

Students will be required to satisfy the NEXUS program requirement by completing six NEXUS credits for each full-time semester at Georgetown College. See the discussion of this program in the Academic Policies and Regulations section of the Catalog. Students must finish all requirements for the degree at the University of Kentucky to be eligible to receive a degree from Georgetown College. Students must also satisfy the Foundations and Core requirements of Georgetown College as specified for nursing arts majors (see college catalog).  Specific courses required for the B.S. in Nursing Arts include:  BIO 111, 212, 305, 305L, 306, 311, CHE 111, 112, 113, MAT 107, MAT 111 or PSY 211, KHS 320, and PSY 111.



Georgetown College and University of Kentucky

NURSING PROGRAM – Sample Curriculum



Fall                                                                              Spring

ENG 111  English Composition I       3          ENG 112  English Composition II     3

FDN 111   Foundations I                   3          FDN 112  Foundations II                   3

BIO 111    Biological Principles         4          BIO 212    Cell/Molecular Biology     4

PSY 111   General Psychology           3          MAT 107  College Algebra                3

102   Foreign Language           _3                    201  Foreign Language           _3

16                                                                    16


CHE 111  General Chemistry I          4          CHE 112  General Chemistry II         3

Biblical Studies                  3          CHE 113  Chem. Lab Measure           1

BIO 305   Human Physiology I          3          BIO 306    Human Physiology II        3

BIO 305L Human Physiology Lab     1          PHI 152     Logic                                3

MAT 111 or PSY 211  (Statistics)      3          KHS 320    Nutrition                          3

COMM 200  Communication             3          ART or MUS or THE                       _3

17                                                                   16

C.N.A.            Certification required for progression to Third Year                     



BIO 311  General Microbiology         4          ENG 213  English Lit Survey II-W    3

Religious Studies                3                           History AO            I                       3

NUR 860  Nursing Foundations         2          NUR 863  Prof Nurs/Lifespan            8

NUR 861  Fam Hlth Promo/Com       8          NUR 866  Patho/Pharm I                  3

17                                                                    17



NUR 871  Fam Ctrd Care/Adult        7          NUR 872  Research for EB Practice  3

NUR 870  Patho/Pharm II                  3          NUR 873  Nurs Care/Childrearing     4

HSM 241  Health Care Delivery Sys  3          NUR 875  Nurs Care/Childbearing    4

13                                                                                            Citizenship Global            3




NUR 880  Leadership Mgmnt                        3          NUR 884  Career Mgmnt/Nurs          2

NUR 881  Psych/Mental Hlth            5          NUR 885  High Acuity Nursing         5

NUR 883  Public Health Nursing       5          NUR 886  Synthesis/Nurs Prac           6

Citizenship US                   3                                                                     13



*Updated 10/2014