International Business and Culture

Program Coordinators:  Scott Takacs and Laura Hunt                                         ,

Note: If ACT composite score is below 21, it is strongly suggested that the student complete at least one semester at Georgetown College before taking BUA 210, ECO 221, or ECO 223.

It is also recommended that students not take Accounting and both Economics courses in the same semester, though ECO 221 and ECO 223 are not sequential.

International Business and Culture Major/Minor Declaration Form

Interdisciplinary Major

(B.A. degree) A total of sixty semester hours required. The major requires a business foundation of 24 hours, a language foundation of 18 hours, 15 hours from the interdisciplinary component, and one 3-hour elective chosen with Program Coordinator’s approval. (No minor is required.)


First Year:

Either Semester

*MAT 109 or 125
MAT 111
Language Courses (see below)

Second Year:

Fall SemesterCompletedSpring SemesterCompleted
BUA 210BUA 211

Either Semester

*ECO 221
*ECO 223
Language Courses (see below)

Third Year:

Either Semester

BUA 335
BUA 353
BUA 423 (Odd Falls)
BUA 460
CLC 319 (CA)
Language Courses (see below)

Fourth Year:

Either Semester

BUA 423 (Odd Falls)
BUA 450 (usually in the last semester)
3 hour elective
Language Courses (see below)
 Note 1:  The exact timing of the language classes depends on how proficient the student is when she/he begins language study at Georgetown College.


Note 2:  The student, in consultation with an adviser and the Program Director, must determine when to satisfy the Study Abroad requirement (INS000).  They may choose summer, a regular semester, or an entire year.  Depending on this choice and the availability of classes, students may deviate significantly from the suggested schedule.


Language Foundation (choose one set):  18 hours
FRE 230
FRE 235
FRE 335
FRE 355
Two from:
FRE 301, FRE310, FRE312, FRE321, or FRE 329
GER 230
GER 310
GER 355
GER 345/445
GER 318/418 or GER 319/419
GER 365/465 or GER389/489 or GER 399/499
SPA 230
SPA 235
SPA 355
SPA 310 & 320 or SPA 312 and 322 or SPA 310 and 312
SPA … one 300 or 400 level SPA
JPN 201
JPN 202
JPN 320
JPN 322
JPN 335
JPN 355































Updated 10/2016