Chair: Jean Kiernan

Major in Health Science

(B.S. degree) A total of forty-four or forty-six semester hours required. Thirty-one hours in KHS, which must include KHS 180, KHS 214, KHS 220, KHS 304, KHS 306, KHS 310, KHS 320, KHS 400, KHS 405 and KHS 452, plus six hours of electives from any of the following KHS courses- KHS 200, KHS 315, KHS 185, KHS 322, KHS 324, KHS 423, KHS 435, KHS 460, or KHS 470. Students may not enroll in more than 3 hours of internship. Allied courses include PSY 211 or MAT 111 and BIO 100 or 111. With the consent of the KHS Department Chair, substitutions may be made for allied courses.  Students intending on applying to Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Physician Assistant programs must take Biology 111, not Bio 100, as requirement for applying to the graduate program.

 Minor in Exercise Science

A total of twenty-two semester hours required which include KHS 214, KHS 220, KHS 304, KHS 306, KHS 322, and KHS 423. Plus choose one course from the following: KHS 185, KHS 310, KHS 315, KHS 320, KHS 400, KHS 405, or KHS 435

Minor in Public Health

A total of twenty-one semester hours required which includes KHS 220, 310, 315, 324 plus the allied course MAT 111 or PSY 211. Six additional hours are to be selected from KHS 200, 214, 320, 400, 405 or courses approved by department chair.



KHS310 C

BIO111 Q


Recommended Sequence of Courses

First Year:

Fall SemesterCompletedSpring SemesterCompleted

KHS 180


KHS 220


KHS 214

Second Year:

Fall SemesterCompletedSpring SemesterCompleted
*BIO 111 or *BIO100KHS elective (3 hours)

*PSY 211 or *MAT 111




Third Year:

Fall SemesterCompletedSpring SemesterCompleted
KHS 304


KHS 306


KHS 400KHS 320
KHS elective (3 hours)

Fourth Year:

Fall SemesterCompletedSpring SemesterCompleted
KHS 405KHS 410
KHS elective
KHS 452


PSY 111 is needed as a prerequisite to PSY 211 if MAT 111 is not selected as the course.

*denotes courses that meet the Foundations and Core requirements

Note A– For Math 111, a student must have a Math ACT of at least 19 to take this course (or GSS105 is required as a prereq). Suggest GSS105 for first semester if interested in Health Science.


*updated 10/2014