Chair:   Holly Barbaccia                                                                       Holly_Barbaccia@georgetowncollege.edu

Note: ENG 111 and ENG 112 must be taken PRIOR to the sequence in English Literature.


(B.A. degree) Thirty-six semester hours above ENG 112 or 115 including the following:  ENG 211-213; 292; 414; 482; and three hours each in American literature (ENG 341, 343, 345, 347, 349, 445, 447), English literature before 1700 (ENG 311, 313, 412, 416, 418), English literature between 1700 and 1900 (ENG 321, 323, 327, 329, 424), and comparative literature (ENG 296, 298, 401, 403, 407, 409, 438). In addition, one three-hour allied course must be selected from the following: AMS 250, 450; CLA 314, 316, 370; HIS 323, 335, 337, 356; PHI 315, 355, 412;  THE 327; any upper-level literature course in World Languages; or a course not listed here approved by the English department chair.  Courses applied toward General Education Curriculum Requirements shall not be applied toward allied course requirements. Candidates are also expected to pass comprehensive exams.

 Major with Creative Writing Emphasis

(B.A. degree) The Creative Writing Emphasis within the English major would require students to take 12 hours of the 33 required for the English major in Creative Writing courses. A minimum of six and a maximum of nine hours must be taken in the following courses: English 361, English 363, English 365, and Theatre 471. The student can take any combination of these classes, including repeating one of them for credit. The final 3-6 hours of the emphasis can be taken in any of the following courses: ENG 354, ENG 405, ENG 407, ENG 409, or ENG 462. Candidates are also expected to pass senior comprehensives.



A total of eighteen semester hours above ENG 125 required.

 Minor with Creative Writing Emphasis

Eighteen hours above ENG 211 or 213 required. Students must take ENG354.  At least six and as many as nine hours must come from the workshop courses (ENG361, ENG363, and THE471 if taught as playwriting or screenwriting).  At least six and as many as nine hours must come from ENG403, ENG407, ENG409, and ENG462.