Program Coordinator:   Todd Coke

Office Location: Pawling Hall, Room 114
Phone: (502) 863-8127

Interdisciplinary Major

(B.A. Degree) Fifty-one hour required, including AMS 250 Introduction to American Studies; HIS 223 and 225, Introduction to American History I and II; HIS 475 Topics in the Social and Intellectual History of the U.S.; ENG 318 and 320, American Literature I and II; AMS 450 Senior American Studies Seminar.  Substitutions for requirements can be made only with the written approval of the Program Coordinator.  (No minor is required)

In addition to the core courses, three of the following courses (from three different departments) are required: ART 310 Modern Art History; COMM 306 Media Criticism; MUS 426 Music History Since 1750; PHI 412 American Philosophy; HIS 338 Religion in American History; SOC 309 Sociology of Religion; SOC 113 Modern Social Problems; POS 100 American Government; ECO 221 Principles of Macroeconomics.

An additional seven courses will be chosen from the following allied departments (in consultation with the program director): Art, Biology, Business, Communications, Economics, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion,  and Sociology.




*updated 10/2014