Enhance your education and take your degree to the next level with Georgetown College’s many programs of distinction.

Programs of distinction offer an opportunity to earn a scholarship, find an internship, study abroad, and make connections in Kentucky and around the world. Opportunities await for bright and talented students who are eager to gain real world experience and make an impact through these programs of distinction. Follow the links to visit individual program websites, where you can find contact information for program directors, learn more about these unique opportunities, and fill out applications.

Christian Scholars Program

The Christian Scholars Program is designed for students who are active in the church and interested in discerning God’s calling and vocation in their lives.
The CPS scholarship and the program is designed to:

  • Provide four years of activities, retreats, and academic courses to encourage the theological exploration of vocation.
  • Promote Christian discernment and academic leadership.
  • Motivate and prepare students along their vocational adventure.
  • Offer financial support for travel and for exploring God’s vocation in new and challenging contexts.
  • Connect students to fellow travelers along the vocational journey.

Applications for the CSP program are due by February 1st.

Christian Scholars Program Application

Equine Scholars Program

Programs of Distinction - Equine ScholarsThe Equine Scholars Program combines a first class liberal arts education with a comprehensive array of equine experiences. Our goal is to give students the best possible combination of classroom theory, equine exposure and professional enhancement to prepare them for a career in or related to the horse industry. Students receive individual attention to help them relate to their interests, academic strengths and career goals.

Activities include field trips, volunteer activities, internships within the horse industry and with related businesses, and numerous networking opportunities. Students graduate with a thoroughly impressive resume and are prepared to be capable professionals in a field they truly love.

Our Program:

  • Is non-breed and non-discipline specific
  • Allows Equine Scholars to choose from 40+ majors
  • Allocates a $1,000 scholarship annually to each Equine Scholar
  • Locates targeted internships and job shadowing opportunities

Applications for the ESP program are due by February 1st.

Equine Scholars Program Application

Global Scholars Program

Programs of Distinction - Global ScholarsThe Global Scholars Program draws students who have an enthusiastic desire to augment their academic study by merging it with global experiences, thus developing their ability to meet the present opportunities and future challenges of the global community.  Our program is designed to:

  • Provide 4 years of events, guest speakers, and experiences to help better understand our world
  • Award an annually renewable $1,000 scholarship
  • Form lasting friendships with other globally-conscious students
  • Place students in internships with global significance
  • Better students’ understanding of current events, their historical roots and future implications

Applications for the GSP program are due by February 1st.

Global Scholars Application


Programs of Distinction - Oxford

Oxford Programs

The Oxford Programs offer students a variety of unique opportunities to complete some portion of their program of study through Regent’s Park College in the University of Oxford. Regent’s Park College has been one of the permanent private halls at Oxford University since 1957, and it shares with Georgetown College a commitment to provide a rigorous education in an intentionally Christian context.

Applications for the Oxford Honors program are due by February 1st.

Learn More Oxford Scholars Application

Academic Honors Program

The Georgetown College Academic Honors Program strives to encourage the intellectual growth of the college community by giving highly motivated students at all levels the opportunity to pursue challenging and stimulating academic experiences.

In fulfilling its mission, the Georgetown College Academic Honors Program strives to help motivated students reach their fullest academic potential by

  • challenging them throughout their college careers
  • promoting a high level of intellectual discourse
  • helping them broaden their cultural experiences
  • fostering academic research

Applications for the  Academic Honors program are due by April 1st. If you are applying for the Oxford Honors Program this will count as your application for the Academic Honors Program as well.

Learn More Academic Honors Program Application

Inmersión en Español

Inmersion en Espanol

Inmersión en Español at Georgetown College (IEGC) offers students thethe opportunity to develop and strengthen their Spanish language skills by taking general studies courses in a range of subjects offered entirely in Spanish. Program participants immerse themselves in the Spanish language on our campus by taking general studies courses like Philosophy, Sociology, and Literature, taught entirely in Spanish. IEGC also gives students the opportunity to use Spanish outside the classroom through community events, social activities, study abroad programs, and professional internships.

Students from a variety of backgrounds will benefit from this innovative program:

  • Heritage speakers of Spanish can maintain and improve their language skills while taking a wide variety of courses.
  • Native speakers of English can broaden their knowledge of Spanish in fields outside of the traditional language program.
  • Native speakers of Spanish can show their full potential in college level courses and further their linguistic competency in multiple disciplines.

Applications for the IE program are due by February 1st.

Spanish immersion Application

Bishop Scholars ProgramBishop Scholars

The Bishop Scholars Program allows select students the honor of carrying on the tradition of Bishop alumni and keeping the legacy of Bishop College alive.

First TeeFirst Tee Scholars

The First Tee is an initiative of the World Golf Foundation. Its focus is on giving young people of all backgrounds an opportunity to develop life-enhancing values like honesty, integrity and sportsmanship through golf and character education. Georgetown College is the first college in America to provide scholarships to young people who completed The First Tee Program.

The First Tee Scholars at Georgetown College combine the wonderful life lessons they’ve gleaned from the game of golf with leadership and ethics found throughout the school’s curriculum. Before acceptance, the students had to attend one of The First Tee Life Skills and Leadership Academies, attained a grade point average of 3.0 and participated in community or civic activities in high school.