TEST PERIOD                                  9:00-11:00     12:00-2:00     3:00-5:00       6:00-8:00



WEDNESDAY          Dec 10           Reading Day


THURSDAY              Dec 11           9:00 MWF     2:00 MWF     2:10 TTH       5:30/6:15 TTH

FRIDAY                     Dec 12           10:00 MWF    12:45 TTH      3:35 TTH       5:00/6:00 MWF


MONDAY                  Dec 15           8:00 TTH        11:00 MWF    1:00 MWF      3:00/4:00 MWF


TUESDAY                 Dec 16           9:30 TTH        8:00 MWF     12:00 MWF



Grades for students graduating in December due @ noon on Wednesday, December 17

All remaining grades due @ 4:00 p.m. onThursday, December 18





Students must take exams at the scheduled times.


With prior agreement of the professor, students may take exams with another section of the same course taught by the same professor.


Professors may not alter the examination schedule without prior written approval of the Provost.


Student with three or more exams on the same day may petition the Provost for a change in schedule.  Such requests should be made in writing at least two weeks prior to the beginning of final examinations.


If an exam time is not listed the time for the exam should be rounded down to the nearest hour.