IMG 4175 Small 350x233 Recent Scholars

Leanndra Padgett, Emily Krick, and Kelsey Castaneda, 2014 Fulbright Award Recipients

Slovakia, South Korea, and Ukraine, 2014. Kelsey Castaneda, an English major from Columbia, Ky., Emily Krick, an English and History major from Ashland, Ky., and Leanndra Padgett, an English major from Lexington, Ky., were selected for Fulbright English Teaching Assistant awards in 2014. Kelsey is spending the year in Slovakia, while Leanndra is living in South Korea. Emily had been slated to go to Ukraine but was prevented from doing so by the ongoing political and military situation in that country.

FB 346x350 Recent Scholars

Tori Shover and Rachel Castillo, 2013 Fulbright Award recipients

Spain and South Korea, 2013. Victoria Lee “Tori” Shover, a Spanish and Elementary Education major from Louisville, Kentucky, and Rachel Ann Castillo, an English and Secondary Education major from Paducah, will spend the 2013-14 academic year teaching English as Fulbright English Teaching Assistants. Tori is spending the year in Spain, while Rachael is living in South Korea.

USA7301 350x232 Recent Scholars

Sarah Carey, Portia Watson, and Thomas Owens

South Korea and Thailand, 2012. From left, Sarah Carey, an English major/Religion minor from Mackville, Ky. (Washington County) spent a year teaching English in South Korea and is now a middle school teacher in Kentucky. Portia Watson, an English and Cultural Studies double major from Mount Washington, Ky. (Bullitt County), taught English for a year and has remained in Thailand after the end of her Fulbright grant to work with the Burmese Refugee Project. Thomas Owens, a Chemistry major/Biology minor from Lancaster, Ky. (Garrard County), renewed his Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in South Korea for a second year.

fulbright1 309x350 Recent Scholars

Roger Brock, Megan Bagwell

Mongolia and Spain, 2010-11. Megan and Roger are 2010 graduates of Georgetown College. Megan, a psychology major, spent a year in Mongolia as an English Teaching Assistant. Roger, a double major in Math and Spanish, spent a year in Spain, also as an English Teaching Assistant.

Photo 005 Recent Scholars

Bethany Byrd Hughes, Michael Clemmons, and Jordan Sanderson

Germany, Spain, and Mexico, 2009-10. Bethany, Michael, and Jordan were 2009 graduates of Georgetown College. Bethany, served as an English Teaching Assistant in Germany. Michael, who majored in Spanish and the interdisciplinary Commerce, Language, and Culture program, was an English Teaching Assistant in Spain. Jordan, who also majored in Spanish and Commerce/Language/Culture, received a Bi-National Business Grant, which allowed him to take classes in Mexico while interning at an international investment bank.

jill Thompson Recent Scholars

Jill Thompson

Germany, 2008-09 Jill graduated in May of 2008 with majors in psychology and political science, with a minor in German. She will be spending a year teaching English to German students as an English Teaching Assistant. Jill completed a masters degree in non-profit management and currently lives and works in Indianapolis.

fulbright 3 bw Recent Scholars

Jordan Yeager, Sarah Sebastian, and Brittany Pappas

Spain, Hong Kong, and Germany, 2007-08. Jordan, Sarah, and Brittany all graduated in May of 2007. Jordan, a Spanish major with secondary education certification, taught English to students in Spain; Sarah, a biology major, served as an English Teaching Assistant in Hong Kong; Brittany, a double major in Economics and German, was an English Teaching Assistant in Germany.

fulbright katie and melinda bw Recent Scholars

Katie Dale and Melinda Hall

South Korea, 2006-07. Katie and Melinda both graduated in May 2006. Katie is a double major in English and Communications; Melinda is an English major with minors in Economics and History. They both served as Fulbright Teaching Assistants in South Korea. Melinda completed a Masters degree at Princeton Theological Seminary; Katie completed a Masters degree in Communications at Georgetown University and is pursing a Ph.D. at Ohio State University.

puglisi Recent Scholars

Michael Puglisi

Germany, 2005-2006. Mike graduated in May, 2005, with a double major in history and political science and a minor in German. He enrolled in the Patterson School of Diplomacy at University of Kentucky during his senior year, and he worked on his Masters thesis during his year serving as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant in Germany. He then completed law school and is currently an attorney.

emilybrandon Recent Scholars

Emily Brandon

Belgium, 2004-2005. Emily graduated in 2003 with a double major in English and Philosophy. She spent a year teaching English to students in Belgium while also taking classes and investigating the cultural context of Belgium. She returned to Belgium to complete her Masters degree. Emily is currently Coordinator, Greater Louisville International Professionals (G.L.I.P.) program.

willbevins Recent Scholars

Will Bevins

South Korea, 2003-2004. Will graduated in 2003 with a double major in English and European Studies as well as a minor in Classics. He spent a year teaching English to Korean students while also working to further his own studies of the Korean language. Will completed a Masters degree in History at the University of Colorado, and he often serves as a curriculum instructor for the Fulbright Teaching Assistant program. He also spent two years in Albania with the Peace Corps.

bartbrown Recent Scholars

Bart Brown

India, 2001-2002. Bart, a 2001 graduate with a major in chemistry, spent a year studying creative approaches to renewable energy resources in India. He left for India in September of 2001, but the unrest following the events of 9/11 led the Fulbright Foundation to bring the Fulbright Scholars home until a measure of calm could return to the area. Undaunted, Bart returned to India and completed his studies. He graduated from law school at the University of California/Berkeley. He is currently a public defender in San Francisco, California.

bencrace Recent Scholars

Ben Crace

Qatar, 1999-2000. Ben, a 1999 graduate with a triple major in English, religion, and philosophy, studied the ways in which Arabic high school students are taught English language skills, and the degree to which the culture of English-speaking nations is taught with the language skills. He completed a Masters degree in ESL at Western Kentucky University, returned to Qatar to teach at the university there, and now teaches at American University of Kuwait

brad Recent Scholars

Brad Stone

Spain, 1998-99. Brad, a 1998 graduate with a double major in philosophy and modern languages, studied the Spanish philosopher Unamuno, who was the subject of Brad’s honors thesis. He is currently teaching Philosophy at Loyola Marymont University in California, where he is in charge of the Honors Program.

rhyan Recent Scholars

Rhyan Conyers

South Korea, 1997-98 Rhyan, an American Studies and history major, was given a grant to teach English in Korean schools. He elected not to take the grant in order to pursue a graduate degree at Vanderbilt University. Rhyan now holds an M.A. from Vanderbilt, and works in Institutional Research at Transylvania University.

noah Recent Scholars

Noah Cooksey

South Korea, 1996-1997. Noah, who majored in English, spent a year teaching English in Korea. He enjoyed the experience so much that he extended his grant for an additional six months. Noah is currently teaching English in the Jefferson County public school system.

bev Recent Scholars

Bev Wafford

France, 1993-94. Bev, a French major, spent a year on a teaching assistantship in France. She is currently living in Georgia, where she is a happy stay-at-home mother.

mech Recent Scholars

Elizabeth Mechelle Langston

Jordan, 1992-93. Elizabeth (also known as Mechelle), a political science and history major, spent a year studying Arabic language and culture. She completed her Ph.D. in political science at the University of Kentucky in 2005. During her doctoral studies, she often returned to the Middle East, and she wrote her dissertation on parliamentary elections in Yeman and Jordan. She spent five years teaching and administering a study-abroad program in Muscat, Oman. She currently works at the University of Louisville.

chris Recent Scholars

Chris Schimmoeller

India, 1991-92. Chris, an English major, studied the interrelationship between women, caste system status, and attitudes toward the environment. Chris is currently an environmental activist in Kentucky, where she is a past director of Kentucky Heartwood.

mark Recent Scholars

Mark Thomas

Singapore, 1990-91. Mark, who was a triple major in English, religion, and philosophy, studied eastern religious philosophies. Mark has completed a Ph.D. in philosophy at Rice University. He now teaches philosophy at Blinn College in Texas.

In addition, several Georgetown College students have made it past the first round of selection and were recommended for grants, though they did not in the end receive the grants. These students applied to programs in Singapore, Spain, Australia, France, New Zealand, India, Czech Republic, Malaysia, and Malawi.