Before you do anything else, contact Dr. Rosemary Allen. Her office is in Giddings Hall 210, and her telephone is (502) 863-8146. You can e-mail her at She has Fulbright application forms in her office and will give you extensive help in preparing the applications for submission. The deadline for the Fulbright application is generally in mid-October.

The program brochures (available in Dr. Allen’s office) give extensive information about the different countries to which one can apply. The applicant must select a county and design a program of study that would be appropriate to that country. For many countries, the applicant will have to know an appropriate foreign language. However, there are a surprising number of countries in which English is considered sufficient.

Components of the Fulbright Application

The main components of the Fulbright application are two essays: the plan of study (which outlines in about 500-1000 words the project you intend to undertake in your selected country), and your personal statement (which is an intellectual biography in 500 words or less). Dr. Allen will aid you in the construction of these essays, which are key to your successful application.

For further information, check out the Institute for International Education’s web site, which gives detailed information on the program. Warning: the page occasionally takes a while to load, so be patient.

Online Fulbright application instructions can be found here.