About Pre-Pharmacy

Preparation for pharmacy school is all about completing the right courses so that you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to start your pharmacy studies.  With the personalized advising and dedicated support of our pre-pharmacy program, you will be able to find just the right pathway to your professional success, no matter what major you choose.

My relationships with the faculty allowed me to receive strong letters of recommendation which gave me a significant advantage when applying to graduate school in pharmacology.”

 - Stephen Wechman, '11

“The education I received from Georgetown in the Exercise Science Department helped me prepare for professional school in pharmacy by helping me develop alternative ways of thinking and giving me the confidence to work with others from diverse backgrounds.”

 - Mandi Boykin, '11

Program Requirements

No specific major is required, but most schools of pharmacy recommend that applicants obtain a strong background in social, behavioral, chemical, mathematical, and biological sciences, as well as business.

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Potential Careers

Pre-Pharmacy Contact

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