About Political Science

If you enjoy course work that addresses current events and persistent issues in American Politics, International Relations, and the internal politics of countries across the globe, consider a major in Political Science. In this department, you’ll find engaged faculty and students with a real passion for active participation. And you will develop a network of alumni and community partners ready to make your college-to-career dreams a reality.

"My first political science class at Georgetown made me fall in love with the field. My idea of what politics entailed widened and my passions were discovered and nurtured."

 - Jacqui Johns, '17

"This Department has changed my world view. I have been able to travel and experience different cultures."

 - Aubri Layson '17, Faculty of Colegio Americano de Xalapa in Veracruz, Mexico

Program Requirements

33 hours for major; 18 hours for minor

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Potential Careers

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