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With a strong foundation in theoretical and basic experimental physics, our Physics department encourages professional applications, especially in engineering. Whether you are interested in quantum mechanics, string theory, or astronomy, as a Physics major you will gain the ability to solve complex problems, setting you apart from job applicants in multiple fields.

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The median starting salary for STEM positions in the private sector with a Bachelor’s degree is $55,000!


Upper-level physics courses average 3-4 students per class, guaranteeing personal attention and assistance.


Geek cred doesn’t get any better than being a physics major.

Program Requirements

51 hours for major; 20 hours for minor. In your first year try to take PHY 211 and PHY 212 and as much calculus as you can.

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Potential Careers

 “While studying Physics at Georgetown College I learned how to approach problems independently using analytical and logical approaches instead of mindlessly following steps. This, above all, is the greatest skill one could learn providing the basis for pursuing an advanced degree or career.” 

 - Steffen Krebs, '13

“The more I do physics, the more I realize I don't know anything. This is fine because learning should never end anyway, and it is kind of fun to learn physics.”

 - Khant Minn, '12

 “Georgetown helped me know how to handle graduate school physics with all the math and programming requirements that most of my American classmates simply were not ready for.”

 - Stacy Long, '09

 “I do think my physics background has given me an edge over other finance graduates in my ability to understand complex problems.  As someone working in finance, I quickly learned that my greatest strength is the ability to breakdown a problem, analyze it, and find a solution. Although my field doesn't involve physics, I believe I developed this ability to understand complex problems through learning physics at Georgetown.”

 - Tyler Zander, '16

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