About Language and International Studies

GC’s Language and International Studies major may suit you well if you want to travel and spend time abroad in preparation for a global career. We encourage participation in overseas internships and exchange programs as a springboard to careers around the world and graduate degrees in international law, foreign relations, diplomacy, and international missions.

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LIS majors can take courses from eight different areas, including languages, political science, world history, religion, and art.


LIS majors are strongly encouraged to study abroad, and can complete many course requirements while studying in another country!

No Minor

No minor is required with this major! 

Program Requirements

54 hours for major, comprised of three different areas of study: foreign language, world history and politics, and international liberal arts

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Potential Careers

“The LIS major really is the best of both worlds - you get to combine your love for language with your love for politics so that by the time you graduate, you are able to work with people from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds.”

 - Grace Kandrack, '17

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