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Our innovative interdisciplinary major in International Business and Culture recognizes that business and culture are inextricably linked. If you want to pursue a career with an international company at home or abroad, the International Business and Commerce major is the perfect way to start. With strong programs in Spanish, French, German, and Japanese, you will have lots of options of where to study!

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Preparation for international business requires personal mentorship and internships, both of which you will get at Georgetown College.


All of the fastest-growing major cities in the world are outside the United States; only one (Mexico City) is in North America.


Only about 1% of college students study abroad, but the need to understand the global marketplace is almost always in the top five for things companies need.

Program Requirements

60 hours for interdisciplinary major; no minor available

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Potential Careers

 “My degree in the field (with an emphasis in Japanese) provided me great leverage in obtaining my job, as I was able to differentiate myself from other Business Majors right on top of my resume. On the job, I work with people all around the world obtaining information and developing processes. Having an understanding of their culture and mannerisms facilitates a more respectful relationship and drives higher results.” 

 - Brittany McGurran, '10, Supply Chain Analyst at 3M

 "The professors at Georgetown are some of the best quality and most intentional people I have ever that the pleasure of knowing. It was truly a privilege to be able to spend four years of my life there." 

 - Katie Baker, '15, Fuge Camps

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