About European Studies

Europe is changing and recharging in the face of global problems and opportunities. Spend a semester in Spain (or another European country) as a European Studies major, an interdisciplinary program designed to give you a comprehensive view of Europe, past and present, from a variety of perspectives. Rooted in the liberal arts, European Studies offers excellent preparation for advanced study in graduate or professional school programs that position you to deal with international commerce, law, or education.


Adaptable: A GC alum with a degree in European Studies from Georgetown College leads the International Trade and Government Relations practice of a prestigious international law firm in Washington, D.C.—even without a law degree!

Language Plus

Language Plus: European Studies majors combine 15 hours of advanced language study with courses that allow you to explore European history, politics, business, literature, philosophy, art, and theatre

Program Requirements

Offered as an interdisciplinary major only

54 hours comprised of studies in a foreign language (French, German, or Spanish), History, Political Science, and various humanities courses

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Potential Careers

“In an era where one rarely stays in the same job for their entire career, the well-rounded liberal arts education I received at Georgetown College gave me the ability to follow my passions wherever they led, allowing me to transition seamlessly from one career path to the next.”

 - Sarah Porcelli, '99

“The environment at Georgetown College supports a love of learning. The faculty and staff challenge their students while also providing a support system that makes them feel at home and welcome.  The community of Georgetown College is the school’s best asset. The faculty, staff, and students at Georgetown are unlike any other, and that wonderful sense of community makes Georgetown so much more than a school—it is home.” 

 - Abby Smith, '15

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