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If you feel called to full-time ministry, the Christian Leadership minor will give you a way to explore your vocation.  You can focus on service in the church and parachurch or non-profit Christian ministries. Built around a core of vocation, ministry, Biblical studies, church history, and Christian theology courses, this minor will allow you to participate in service learning and practical experiences to fully inform your educational experience and prepare you for ministry in our changing world. 


The largest program at Georgetown College is the Christian Scholars Program, which lets students go on retreats and mission trips.

Program Requirements

21 hours for interdisciplinary minor; no major available

Most of the courses for this minor are drawn from religion and philosophy, supplemented by options in psychology and history.

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Potential Careers

“Throughout my experience, I could always trust that my professors were completely invested in my academic and spiritual formation, which has shone through in my labor as a seminary student and minister.”

 - Adam Standiford, '10

The faculty truly cares about each and every student they have in class. I am forever indebted to the faculty for the lessons they taught me, not just about their field of religion, but about life and faith as well.”

 - Tyler Woosley, '14

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