About American Studies

This interdisciplinary major blends history, literature, politics, philosophy, and sociology to prepare students for a variety of careers by encouraging critical thinking skills, emphasizing the interrelatedness of different areas of study, and fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of American culture.

"The American Studies major at Georgetown College allowed me the flexibility to tailor my interests in architectural history, design, and historic preservation to courses in preparation for graduate school while also providing a strong, solid American history background." 

 -  Megan LeMaster Privett

“My major developed the ability to connect complex ideas across disciplines, infer hidden connections, and identify critical details among volumes of information to reach actionable conclusions that today’s employers demand.

 -  Tyler Scott

"I graduated from UNC-Greensboro with an M.A. in public history and historic preservation in 2008 thanks to the high-quality undergraduate preparation offered by the professors in the American Studies department. Since finishing graduate school I have been working in my field of study with various local, state, and federal cultural resource management and historic preservation organizations in North Carolina." 

 -  Megan LeMaster Privett

Program Requirements

51 hours for interdisciplinary major; no minor available

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Potential Careers

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