Eight Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of Georgetown College are:

  1. Eight Guiding Principles - Georgetown CollegeQuality, as expressed in Jesus Christ, is our way of life.
  2. Excellent Service is our goal.
  3. Loyalty is our strength.
  4. Teamwork is to be cherished.
  5. Positive Vision will motivate us.
  6. Stewardship is our responsibility.
  7. Personal Growth will bring us joy.
  8. Commitment will be reaffirmed daily.

What the Eight Guiding Principles Mean to Us

Guiding Principle – Quality

My academic pursuits and experiences at Georgetown College, especially within Religious Life, have allowed me to recognize and embrace the challenge of being a light to others and live out the character of integrity to which Christ has called us.” Karley Riffe, Class of 2010

Guiding Principle - Excellent Service

My daily goal is to meet our EXCELLENT SERVICE principle by presenting a campus that is clean, orderly and welcoming. The reason…our Students, Faculty and Staff deserve nothing less! We are here to serve. Carlos Cooper, Building Services Manager

Guiding Principle – Loyalty

I am constantly encouraged by Facebook friends who routinely mention their experiences and friendships formed with peers, faculty, and staff while at Georgetown. ‘Loyal’ to their friends, they consistently encourage one another in their posts. Dr. Jack (Doc) Birdwhistell, Professor of Religion

Guiding Principle – Teamwork

Teamwork is paramount to being successful in the workplace, in relationships and more importantly in life. As a volleyball coach, it is imperative that I create an environment that fosters selfless attitudes where the team needs are put ahead of individual goals. Once a team or group of individuals shares that unified vision, the sky is the limit for what they can achieve. The Georgetown College volleyball program is living proof of what can be achieved by embracing this principle. Nick Griffin, Head Volleyball Coach

Guiding Principle – Positive Vision

Each day I am profoundly aware of how Georgetown College enables our students to explore a myriad of self-aspects in order for intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth to occur. I am continually heartened as we strive to provide to our students the diverse tools necessary for them to create positive change in our world. We faculty and staff eagerly embrace the continuing challenges of helping our students realize their seemingly unlimited potential. Karyn McKenzie, Professor of Psychology

Guiding Principle – Stewardship

As an alumni and staff member of Georgetown, I get to see my contributions at work every day as students pass me on the sidewalk, eat with me in the caf, or work out with me in the fitness center. I benefited from the generous donations of alumni when I was a student here long ago, and now I get to pay it forward to this generation of students. Stewardship IS our responsibility and is important to every student who walks on this campus. Laura Owsley ’92, Director of Annual Giving

Guiding Principle – Personal Growth

At Georgetown College, I am challenged to do my very best and I am given the tools to become a better professional, a better friend, and a better mentor. During my time at Georgetown College, I have had the opportunity to pursue my PhD, serve as the President of the College Personnel Association of Kentucky, and give back to the local community as the Chair of the Scott County Salvation Army Board. Students, faculty, and staff have supported me as I am learning and growing through these involvement opportunities. As a member of the College community, I am given love, trust, and respect which allows me to personally grow. Angela B. Taylor ’03, Director of Greek Life and Judicial Affairs

Guiding Principle – Commitment

Commitment is something that is not achieved through lip-service and dreaming! Commitment can only be grasped through action, passion, and hunger. In the process you will understand as I did that Fear is not an option! JC Campbell, Class of 2012

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